Monday, March 20, 2006

They say a picture is worth a thousands words. In this case it might be worth a thousand laughs as well.
Grand Palace, Wat Phra Kaew - the Emerald Buddha, Thailands most sacred temple. The floating market and last but not least an elephant ride. Tomorrow we are leaving for Bhutan.

Saturday, March 18, 2006

Sunday morning, March 19, 2006
When ever I land in Asia immediately I smell the sweetness in the air. The bubbling energy of the airport is like champagne. And I like champagne. Flying with JAL the Japanese Airline, gave me a new experience of their culture. Not only are the seats smaller even in the first class, your legs are hanging over the foot rest and searching desperately for more leg space. Also they play "Bingo" which I never have played and with beginner's luck I won. (I could choose between a whole set of pedicure utensils or a Micky Mouse looking bag. Guess which one I chose...). Beside the usual airline international flight package such as toothbrush, blind fold etc. they gave me some small plastic cigarettes with a flavored dose of nicotine. Didn't use them.
Flying over Osaka I saw Mount Fuji. Very stunning and exactly as I remember from the pictures of Japan. The snow-capped mountain gave me a small taste of the mountains waiting for us in the Himalayas.
It is quite wonderful being picked up by a limousine and driver in formal uniform. Immediately when I sat down he offered me a fresh cool towel and the water was already served. Believe me the leg space I got was bigger then the one I had in the airplane and the ride into town was really first class. I am staying at the Oriental Hotel, one of Bangkok famous hotels, a tradition since 130 years, located right on the Chao Phya, the "River of Kings". Here I met up with my friends William and Jill. They arrived a couple of hours before me from London. We will be traveling together on this magical journey. Neither of them had ever been to Asia before, and I am excited to show them this part of my life which is so close to my heart.

What would you do arriving in Thailand after a long flight? Yes, you are right; a visit to the Temple of Well-being. The quest for good health and beauty through meditation, massage and use of natural herbal remedies are ancient traditions here. In their brochure they write: In The Oriental Spa, guests will discover the pleasure and benefits of therapies based on traditional Thai and modern Western techniques. I chose "sweet harmony of body and mind". I loved it and I even had enough time for a one-and-a-half hour pedicure. My body is starting to feel the sweet harmony.

That evening we went to the Blue Elephant restaurant, a very old traditional Thai house surrounded by tall sky scrapers. The food is a feast for the eyes and the taste a tickler for the stomach. The decoration of the food is so skillfully done, that I have a hard time eating it. Left with wondering throughout the dinner "how are they doing that". Fresh fish cooked in bamboo basket, fresh king prawns on a delicious sauce, I guess I make you hungry just by reading it. It certainly is one of the best restaurants in Bangkok.

After a delicious dinner we dove into the night life. A show I saw last year at the Asia Hotel was the Calypso show. If you don't know that all the performers, dancers, musicians are men you would not believe it. They look like drop-dead gorgeous women. We laughed a lot and on the way out we got to see them "up close" and William got really close.....

Ending this lovely relaxing day at the bamboo bar with a glass of port wine, listening to world-class jazz and getting a "wiff" of Cuban cigars, sold next in the cigar shop.

I have not been sleeping a lot, jet lag or is it the bubbling energy of this colorful city? Soon I will disappear into the mountains and the bright lights of this city will vanish into silence.

Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Dear Friends
It is Wednesday evening, March 15, 2006 and I am just learning how to blog. In the afternoon I had no idea what it is and now I am writing my first blog message. In 10 hours I am leaving for Bhutan, a country which had no internet even a year ago. I feel like them.... learning a new trade in cyberspace, exploring new possibility's. A new landscape, exciting! Now as you can imagine I am wondering how this all works. Over the phone, Heather guides me to even include a picture.....
Laka is my dear little companion for 13 years and she knows that I am leaving. For the past few days she made her home in my suitcase. Once it was closed she used it as a throne.
Please make sure you have subscribed to our newsletter which is going out in a few days. There you get to read about our adventures at the Kahua Institute.
My next step is to find out more about "blogging" and check out if I know how to send that to you.
Life is good, Life is great I am happy.
with my love